Attention: Purpose-Driven Real Estate Educators
& Info-Marketers

How Would You Like To Be A "HERO"
And Attract High-End Clients
Who Will Gladly Pay You $30,000-$100,000
To Teach Them Real Estate Investing...

...By Modeling My Proven Coaching System
That Can Create 100% Success Rate For Your Students?


There's a new Real Estate Coach in town?! Really?!

Ever wonder why there seem to be a new real estate coach coming out of the woodwork every so often? Heck, I open my email every morning and I swear there's always an unrecognizable name in my inbox saying he'd want to turn me into the next Donald Trump!

The same is true with real estate investing systems and courses. There's always something "new and shiny" being sold on the web about a "faster and easier" way to do this and that.

These people claim to know "powerful" and "effective" real estate investing strategies the rest of the world are clueless about, yet most of us who are active investors never even heard of them nor of any deals they might have closed.

Weird, huh?

And you wanna know what's funny?

It's that these "coaches" and "product developers" are able to convince people to buy into their programs and products.

Why is that?

Can someone just literally "decide to be a coach" and start getting students? What do they teach? Can they do this riding on some other guru's materials? How do they sell their programs? How do they maintain their programs?

Can someone really just take parts off existing courses, slap 'em together and sell it as a new product? What gives?

Seems like there's just too many questions and too much risk in this part of the business.

What if I told you there's a proven, tested and foolproof way
to attract (not run after) coaching clients who will GLADLY pay you
just so you can teach them real estate?

We're talking $30,000 to $100,000 coaching program fees your clients will happily shell out just to get under your wing so you can look over their shoulder and show them the ropes.

And there's absolutely nothing shady here! No cheating or any of that BS.

These clients will come to you because  they will see you as a genuine coach who can deliver, and they'll even tell their friends about you too!

Free marketing!

Sounds surreal?

Not really.

There is a SCIENCE behind successful and effective
coaching and mentoring, as well as a definite method
to creating info products people will happily spend
their hard earned cash on

And your clients and customers will always feel satisfied and not once will they ever feel short-changed.

You will feel good about getting their money in exchange for either your coaching or your info products because you'll know with confidence you're giving them what they want and what they need - and in some cases even over-deliver.

You know how I can say this?

Because I have done it.

And so have several of my friends whom I want you to meet.


Because we want you to enjoy the same success we're enjoying with our coaching and info-marketing business.

Welcome to

What is HEROES Mastermind?

This is an exclusive circle of high-achieving and purpose-driven real estate entrepreneurs that come together to connect, contribute, and help each other become better teachers and mentors to other entrepreneurs.

They are passionate about improving themselves and their respective businesses, and equally enthusiastic about sharing their expertise to others.

They believe that through active entrepreneurship and making it a habit to "pay it forward" by mentoring others, they can bring about a huge positive change in the world.

I know this sounds pretty ambitious, but believe me, THAT is the reason this circle is called HEROES.

Now, why HEROES?

Because this is an alliance of Heart Strong Entrepreneurs who believe in getting Rich by enriching Others.

Cool, huh?

Our goal is to transform real estate superstar entrepreneurs into real estate superHERO entrepreneurs – real estate investors who are not only focused in creating wealth for themselves, but are more concerned about empowering and enriching others to become successful investor entrepreneurs themselves.

This is not just another run-of-the-mill get together of people who “think” they’re special.

In fact, if you’re even entertaining a shadow of that notion, you can close this window right now and get on with your business. This is NOT for you.

We already know we’re special. We already know we’re doing something positive in our lives. We already know we mean something significant to others. We already know we’re making a difference – NOW WE WANT TO TAKE ALL THAT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Now, if you think you got what it takes to be a true HERO, I have 25 people you need to meet that have agreed to help you become even better at what you do, and inspire you to teach and mentor others.


So what does the HEROES Mastermind plan on achieving?

Our aim is simple:

We want to put our collective expertise together so we can become outstanding teachers and mentors to other entrepreneurs.

Each of us acknowledge that we won't be where we are if we didn't have the help of other entrepreneurs before who knew more than we did. We acknowledge that we know so much now about creating and developing a successful real estate business because someone went out of his way to help, teach and mentor us in the past.

And so we want to pay it forward.

By joining forces, we understand that not only are we going to benefit individually from the best practices each and everyone of us brings to the table, we'll also come out of this active partnership as stronger and more effective mentors and teachers to other aspiring or struggling entrepreneurs.

Our hope is to create not only successful real estate investors, but passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurs like us - HEROES - who may later join our ranks as well.

We believe that by doing this, we will create a ripple effect that will, hopefully, transform the mindset of the people around us and help bring about positive social change.

Sounds like a tall order, right?

We strongly believe with all our hearts - THIS IS POSSIBLE.

best practicesCreate a “best practices pool” wherein we share with the group not only our best investing strategies and tactics, but our most effective teaching and mentoring techniques as well.

Each of us HEROES bring something unique to the table. Each of us have individual strengths as far as business management and development is concerned. Each of us have different approaches to teaching and mentoring others.

The idea here is to learn what makes our fellow HEROES effective, add that to our own arsenal of teaching and mentoring techniques - and in return, share what makes us effective HEROES as well, so the rest of the group can add something to their bag of tricks as well.

Join the team with one "SUPERHERO POWER", leave with 25 more "SUPERHERO POWERS"!

Minimize, if not completely eliminate, our individual struggles.

As much as we want to amplify our individual strengths as entrepreneurs and mentors, we also want to improve on our weaknesses and other areas of opportunity, if not completely eliminate them.

This is why everyone needs to come into the mastermind group willing to share everything – the good and the bad. What I am struggling with, someone else might have an answer to. And on the other hand, I might have the solution to someone else’s problem area.

In effect we would have multiplied our strong areas exponentially, while significantly reducing, and even eliminating, our weaknesses.

networkCreate a vast network of resources.

We all have our individual network of professionals - business and otherwise.

As real estate entrepreneurs, we each have network of realtors, brokers, contractors, sub-contractors, private lenders, investor buyers and the list goes on.

As info-marketers, we each have our own network of copywriters, media buyers, Facebook and Google ads specialists, lead generation experts, sales funnel experts and others.

As teachers and mentors, we also have our individual go-to persons for coaching, mentoring, personal and professional development and marketing.

If someone in the group needs help in a particular area of the business that cannot be met by his own network of resources, I may recommend someone or something from my own network - and vice versa.

Imagine having de facto access to 25 other such networks located all across the country…

…and everyone’s just one phone call away.

Can you see how much more effective we can be as coaches, teachers and mentors with that kind of pooled resources?

partnerPartnership opportunities.

As soon as we start working together, countless business opportunities will start opening up for us.

Say I want to organize a 3-day live seminar event and I want a wide range of real estate investing topics to be covered. Instead of cold-calling known real estate experts and asking them to speak at my seminar, I already have 25 other experts I can readily call. This way, I can be sure of the high quality of content my seminar will be delivering...

...Not to mention, I can also expect the rest of the team to ask me to speak at their events.

This does not just end with seminars. This concept can also be applied to other specialized coaching and mentoring programs.

The business partnership possibilities are endless!

positiveCreate positive change - business and otherwise - in our respective communities, starting with our families and our students.

Our mantra is POSITIVE CHANGE.

We believe we can achieve this by becoming better and more effective teachers and mentors. We believe that in order to become better teachers and mentors, we need to become better entrepreneurs first. We believe that in order to become better entrepreneurs, we need to align ourselves with high-achieving, purpose-driven and passionate entrepreneurs who are already enjoying relative success and who share the same passion as ours.

Ultimately, we want to bring this positive change to the world - but we understand it all begins in each and every one of us..

We will be the change we want in the world.

And most importantly...

Teach and mentor other aspiring or even struggling investors what they need to do in order to achieve the kind of success that they've always been dreaming of.

We believe that it is not politicians, nor is it big multi-national billion dollar companies and conglomerates, that can change the world for the better. It is passionate entrepreneurs who care more about helping others succeed and have a meaningful life, more than their own personal wealth and gain, who hold the key to lasting positive social change.

Of course it would be hypocritical to say we don't care about making lots of money - but that's just a welcome side effect to our real cause which is...

...To become "HEROES" by teaching, mentoring and inspiring other investors become more successful and more socially responsible.


Who's invited to join the HEROES Mastermind?

Again, I cannot emphasize this enough – THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY.

In fact, I’m looking only for a handful of people who meet a specific set of criteria.

Check if the following applies to you:

expertYou must be a real estate entrepreneur with a solid business, either with or without existing students. 


You may or may not have students yet (although if you already have them, it would be so much better).

You should already be up and running and you’re just looking to run a whole lot faster and a whole lot farther. If you already have students, you should be looking to become a better teacher and coach.

Your aim must be to turn your students into copies of you - purpose-driven and passionate about the business and about making a difference.

unlockedYou must be mature and willing to share EVERYTHING about your business and about your coaching/teaching/mentoring practices.

This encompasses the good and the bad.

If you have a strategy you’re using to crush it, we need to know about it – this is because you will also have access to everybody else’s top guns as well. Now, you don’t have to worry about your proprietary tactics getting exploited because everyone in attendance will be singing a non-disclosure agreement.

And the cool thing about this is we can pick and fine tune each other’s business strategies so we can make it even better and more powerful.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling with something, feel free to share it with the group. We can’t help you fix what you’re not willing to bring to the light.

pptYou must come prepared.

This is an elite group of SuperHERO Entrepreneurs – if you come with your pants down, you will be cut to pieces.

You should already have a clear idea what you want to achieve and take away coming into the group.

Spend time putting together a list of the things you believe you are doing right, as well as a list of things you think you need help with. Make a simple presentation of what you come up with. Nothing elaborate. A simple powerpoint presentation will be great.

reputationYou must have a solid reputation.

I don’t think this needs any explanation.

implementYou must be willing to implement.

If you’re content doing what you’ve always been doing and you’re not open to try new strategies, or willing to implement any of the action plans we’ll draw up together, neither of us will get anything out of this partnership.

One important element of success is the willingness to adapt.

One of the most important aims of this mastermind group is to make us better at what we do. If you're not willing to implement new ideas in your practice, no matter how successful you are right now, you've got no where else to go.

On the other hand, if you have the willingness to adapt and apply new strategies, you'll realize that you can even be more successful than you are right now.

And most of all...

You must have a passion for helping others.

This should be one of your main motivations - to teach and mentor others become successful investor entrepreneurs.

HEROES Mastermind firmly believes that a candle does not lose any of its brilliance when it lights another candle - it actually makes the room a whole lot brighter.

You should be willing to help enrich and empower other real estate investors to become the best that they can be - and maybe even influence them to become "HEROES" themselves in the near future.

If all these apply to you - YOU ARE THE ONE I AM LOOKING FOR!


Before we move forward, allow me to tell you who I am

Tim Mai headshot tightMy name is Tim Mai. I’m an immigrant from Vietnam who moved here in the US in 1987 when I was 12 years old.

My brother and I escaped the communists in my home country riding a small boat with 36 other refugees, spent the next 12 months living in one refugee camp after another, until we made it here, where, with sheer hard work and determination, we were finally able to get a slice of the American dream, especially after I started flipping real estate.

I can assure you right now if you know any top tier real estate guru, you can ask them about me and they’ll tell you I’m the real deal.

Now, what makes me qualified to start such an ambitious project as this?

Recognize this person on this video below?

Check out what he has to say about me:

Now let's talk business

I’m looking for Superstar Real Estate Entrepreneurs that I, and 25 other Elite Entrepreneurs, can transform into effective teachers and mentors to other investors, and in the process, become more profitable and achieve more freedom with their time.

superheroI know you're already financially successful and I understand if you're already content with what you've achieved with your life thus far. Don't get me wrong, you should be proud of how far you've already come.

But, if I guess right, you have this inexplicable emptiness inside that kinda whispers in your ear every now and then, "You're missing something. There's something more to your life than just being financially successful. You're meant for something GREATER than all you've achieved so far!"

I know this because it's the same feeling I felt before.

And you know what filled that void?

It's realizing that there's an even greater fulfillment that can be had from helping other like-minded individuals reach their full potential.

And believe me, that's an even bigger high than the financial rewards that come hand in hand with it.

Let me ask you something

Why do you work hard?

thinkingWhat pushes you to get up every morning to get things done?

What motivates you to become the best investor in your market?

What drives you to become the best coach and mentor to your students?

Why do you aspire to become a solid and stable entrepreneur?

Why are you aiming at financial freedom?

What motivates you to bring your A-game to an even higher level?

We’ve all struggled with these questions at some point in our lives. But if you’re truly ONE OF US, the answer to these is quite simple…

Faith. Family. Fortune. Freedom. Fulfillment.

You do what you do because you feel and know you were put here on earth with that desire to touch other people’s lives by a Higher Power.

You do what you do because you want to provide the best life for your family and loved ones.

You do what you do because you believe in financial growth and financial freedom.

You do what you do because you want to have absolute control of your time and resources and you are passionate about excellence and achievement.

You do what you do because you want to inspire and empower your students to develop the same mindset as yours - that fulfillment does not lie in building your financial empire alone - fulfillment lies in making a difference, being the difference and making the world a better place to live in. 

This is what makes you a HERO!

superhero-costumeImagine how much we can accomplish if you, me and other entrepreneurs who share this same mindset, gather and combine our collective energies and creativities together…

...Imagine how much knowledge and skill we can impart to other aspiring and struggling investors when instead of just relying on what we know, we can also tap into the knowledge and skills base of our fellow HEROES...

...Imagine how much business we can get moving as we work hand in hand to create 100% success rate in our students...

...Imagine how many investors we can help become successful once news of how effective we are spreads across our respective markets...

...Imagine how much more profitable our individual businesses can become as we, ourselves, improve as investors as a result of our own mentorship of our respective wards...

We may be individual HEROES to the people around us…

…But together, we can be SUPERHEROES able to achieve so much more!

Move over Avengers and Justice League – the real heroes are in town – and they don’t wear their underpants out.

Kidding aside, our respective families, communities and colleagues are already proud of us…

HEROES Mastermind will make them 10X prouder of us!


Here's how this will work

applicationFirst, you’ll need to fill out an application.

Don’t worry, it’s simple, completely confidential and unobtrusive.

I just need to know where you’re at in your business, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and so forth.

After that, one of my assistants will call or email you within 48 business hours to set up a time for us to talk.

Obviously, you’ll probably want to talk to me before you come to a meeting with a bunch of strangers.

I understand, and quite frankly, I’ll want to talk to YOU to make sure you’re a good fit for the HEROES Mastermind as well.

Then, I’ll call you. Our initial call will be about 30 minutes.

This initial conversation gets me focused on your goals so I’ll know exactly what your basic needs are once you step into the mastermind group.

After our conversation, if we decide we want to both work with each other, I’ll have you make a $500 deposit.


We’ll have our first mastermind meeting along with the rest of the gang!

Now here comes the awesome part

After attending the first meeting of the HEROES Mastermind…

…Talking and interacting with all 25 superstar members of the group and listening to all their sound business advise…

...Sharing your own insights on matters you have excellent handle on...

...Realizing the power you have inside to teach and mentor others to develop the same socially responsible wealth building sensibility we all share...

...Seeing greater things come into fruition as a result of us, superstars, working together as a single unit...

…Taking advantage of the action plans we’ll lay out together for each other…

...Catching a glimpse of all the awesome possibilities this HEROES Mastermind can create, not only for ourselves, but for our respective families and communities as well...

...Understanding that you have a responsibility to turn other investor entrepreneurs you may have influence on into HEROES too...

...And you feel you don't wanna be a part of any of it...

...I'll write you a blank $500 check, you can write your name on it, take it as a withdrawal of your deposit and walk away...

…No hard feelings. No questions asked. No explanations required.

Whatever you've learned from the experience (and I'm confident you'll have plenty) will be our parting gift to you.

And you can rest assured every single one of us inside the HEROES Mastermind will be rooting for your success.

You can experience first hand the HEROES Mastermind spending
$0 for joining, and walk away scot-free if you don't like it.

Again, no questions asked. No strings attached. And definitely no B.S. whatsoever.

However, if you do find value in it (and I’m pretty sure you will!) and you wanna be a part of future strategy meetings, we’ll go ahead and discuss how you can become a full-fledged member.

Fair enough?

And I should mention, after becoming a full-fledged HERO, the initial membership will include 4 more mastermind meetings that will totally blow you away!



And just so you know

I’ve never had anyone feel like their time was wasted after they attended my mastermind - EVER.

That’s why I can make this offer with full confidence – I DELIVER.

Check out what another well-known business figure says about joining my mastermind group:

WARNING: Time is a Factor

hourglassThis opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results on our initial phone call and the limited amount of memberships I have available.

Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people.

Besides, you’re not the only person receiving this invitation today. I’m pretty sure, quite a number of folks have already seen the value I’m offering halfway through this letter and have already filled out the application – so needless to say, the longer you’re taking to decide, the slimmer the chance you’re getting through the door.

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long and our mastermind meeting is approaching quickly.


The Ball’s On Your Court!

Remember, you can only expect as much change in your business and in your life as you’re willing to give.

Ultimately, you have full control of the kind of success you will enjoy.

All I can do is provide you with options to help you achieve the success you deserve faster and make that success more significant.

If you think we can work together to make this difference starting today, by all means, fill out this short questionnaire for the HEROES Alliance Mastermind now and we’ll go from there!

Talk soon,

Tim Mai